About Me

My Style, Domination with a Sensual Flare

I am a BDSM provider in Kansas City, a Kansas City Mistress, Kansas City Dominatrix, or The Mistress Of Kink.  I practice domination with a sensual flare, however, I have no problem spanking you to tears or whipping you until you bleed.  I am not afraid to push your limits, but I also respect them.  I am sadistic, yet caring.  I love what I do and have a great time doing it.  Of course everything in BDSM doesn’t need to be violent or painful.  It can also be a more sensual mind game of sorts.  For example, I find great fun in teasing a submissive using sensory deprivation and sensory play as well.  Contrary to stereotypes, I take a more subtle approach to my craft, giving orders in a calm, indoor voice.  I may tease you relentlessly, or simply poke fun at you while you are bound in whatever precarious bondage I have chosen for you.  However, I find it unnecessary to shout degrading personal insults in some attempt to strip you of your self worth.  Self esteem, or lack thereof, does not hinder one from submitting, nor does it threaten my own.  There will be absolutely no question who in control as I guide you through the power exchange, that is the exquisite dance of dominance and submission.  You can also relax in the knowledge that your safety and discretion are always paramount.

My interests include (but aren't limited to):

spanking   cbt   trampling    needle play   urethral sounding  whips  crops   floggers   nipple torture   paddling   prision straps   caning   ice  hot wax   electro-play   ball busting games   bondage & predicament bondage   blindfolds & gags   sensory play & deprivation   sensory overload   tease & denial   edging (not knives)   role play   crossdress & sissification    makeovers    photo sessions    & much more!

Seeking a disciplinarian?

If it is domestic style discipline you seek instead (spanking, OTK), you are in luck! That just happens to be one of my specialties!  I have a separate website just for spankos (www.PortiaSpanksKC.com).  However, if you are a spanko with other fetish interests as well, the more expansive application on this site is the one you will need.