What Does a BDSM Dominant Look Like?

Close-up shot of black fetish corset lacing

People just love to make assumptions! Yet many times when we do we are very, very wrong. This can be especially true if you are making assumptions about a person based solely upon their career. That is hardly a good gauge of one’s true self, preferences, tastes, character, or sexuality, especially these days! Doctors can have different bedside manners, tattoo artists often have different hand pressure from one to the next, grocery store checkout people have different interaction skills and personalities, etc. The important thing is to choose someone who offers you what you are seeking. Perhaps you want a doctor in good standing with the medical board but who also has a sense of humor, or a light-handed tattoo artist practicing proper equipment cleaning procedures, or a friendly checkout person who can actually count back your change. None of these preferences can be determined simply by knowing a person is a doctor, tattoo artist or checkout person. Those specifics are determined by the person’s own unique personality, work ethic, and character, not by the job itself.

Picture from the Netflix original series Bonded

This same idea applies to the BDSM dominant. Each and every dominant was once a child with their own unique personality. Once a dominant, all of these people don’t assimilate into an army of clones. They remain unique individuals with their own unique fetish preferences and personal preferences. They merely share some traits relating to dominant behavior. Due to their differences, however, each dominant is going to have a unique style. Having said that, there are still some basics that set responsible dominants apart from the wannabees and those just trying to turn a quick buck or trick you into a bad situation. The article I am sharing below is about just that! Enjoy!