Keeping it Positive!

I shared the link to the crossdresser’s reference page someplace online tonight, mentioning that if there were any suggestions for website additions that people please let me know. Then I thought it prudent to add something more to that statement. I would like to share that something more here now.

“In regard to the reference page, I am trying to keep it to things that are helpful without getting bogged down in the political stuff, so I did not include websites promoting political agendas or those lashing back at the non-trans population for being “privileged” in some way. The non-trans population had no more say in how their sexuality and identity developed than did any trans person. Therefore, I will not be part of promoting division, hatred, or notions of “privilege” between the two. Promoting such division will not further anyone’s cause. It will only serve as fuel for more violence and prejudice. Those are things we do NOT need more of in this world! What I think we need more of is the live and let live mentality where we do what is right for ourselves and stay out of the decision regarding what is right for our neighbor.

In other words, don’t submit these type of hateful pages for me to add because I won’t. I want helpful, positive resources only.” ~ Portia

One cannot convince another to accept one’s way of life if one is not also willing to accept the other’s way of life in return. It simply defies the laws of the universe.