The Newest Addition!

I am happy to announce the addition of the Nova SN-b violet wand kit to my dungeon! I referred to my old wand as a mini wand because it was a high-frequency wand unit (not a true violet wand) and did not have the power of a real violet wand.

I chose the Nova SN-b because of its comparable power to the traditional/mechanical wands and for its ability to work in any position and direction. As many of you know, I climb around, crawl around, and work from all sorts of crazy directions while in session, so I needed a wand that would allow me to do that without shutting off in midway through. If you look at the violet wand comparison charts below you can see that the Nova SN-b operates at 48kv, only 2 kv under most of the traditional/mechanical style wands (those are the coil type wands that can be positionally challenged). The only one more powerful than those on the list(s) is the Mjolnir Pulse Prime at 65kv.

I have been a busy bee making and adding evil conductive items to use in indirect and reverse technique with the violet wand. Some of those little creations are pictured in the kit here and some are not.
These are many, but not all, of the conductive items I already had prior to purchasing the violet wand. More items are coming soon or on their way now! These can all be used via various techniques with the violet wand.

If you are into electro play, branding, electro cbt or just electro teasing now I have an entirely new application for many of the items I already own. If you would like to experience the new violet wand, schedule a session with me! I promise it will be an electrifying experience!*

***Note that this type of electro play is not recommended for those with heart conditions, pacemakers or other electrical devices or implants such as an insulin pump, etc. It is also not recommended for those that suffer from seizures.

What Does a BDSM Dominant Look Like?

Close-up shot of black fetish corset lacing

People just love to make assumptions! Yet many times when we do we are very, very wrong. This can be especially true if you are making assumptions about a person based solely upon their career. That is hardly a good gauge of one’s true self, preferences, tastes, character, or sexuality, especially these days! Doctors can have different bedside manners, tattoo artists often have different hand pressure from one to the next, grocery store checkout people have different interaction skills and personalities, etc. The important thing is to choose someone who offers you what you are seeking. Perhaps you want a doctor in good standing with the medical board but who also has a sense of humor, or a light-handed tattoo artist practicing proper equipment cleaning procedures, or a friendly checkout person who can actually count back your change. None of these preferences can be determined simply by knowing a person is a doctor, tattoo artist or checkout person. Those specifics are determined by the person’s own unique personality, work ethic, and character, not by the job itself.

Picture from the Netflix original series Bonded

This same idea applies to the BDSM dominant. Each and every dominant was once a child with their own unique personality. Once a dominant, all of these people don’t assimilate into an army of clones. They remain unique individuals with their own unique fetish preferences and personal preferences. They merely share some traits relating to dominant behavior. Due to their differences, however, each dominant is going to have a unique style. Having said that, there are still some basics that set responsible dominants apart from the wannabees and those just trying to turn a quick buck or trick you into a bad situation. The article I am sharing below is about just that! Enjoy!

An Easy BDSM DIY Gag

I saw this pacifier gag on Etsy, and thought, I could make that (pictured below)!

If you don’t have the time or patience for BDSM craft projects you could just order this item and be done with it, but I had just picked up a couple pacifiers for my dungeon, so I figured I would just make one into a gag.

I sat down with my tools, rivets and a very skinny belt only to realize my pacifier didn’t have the same slots as the one pictured on Etsy (above). Mine had smaller circular holes, so I would either have to cut slots in the plastic, or abandon the belt idea. I wasn’t in a patient mood, so I ditched the belt.

I decided to take a quicker, less pretty, but still functional route. Instead, I opted for paracord rope with a little plastic cincher like you find on jacket hoods. I could have done some nifty knot work along the sides, similar to a paracord bracelet, but again, I was not in a patient mood, so I just used a single paracord strand on each side. My crude, but functional version is pictured below.

You simply put the cord through the hole in whatever crude or fancy way you like, then measure the length of the paracord by putting it around your head to ensure it will fit around someone else’s head. Use a lighter to melt the ends of the paracord strands. Try to keep the ends of the melted paracord rope skinny so they will slip through the plastic cincher. Two strands of paracord through this type of plastic cincher can be a pretty tight fit. (If you heat it short bursts you won’t burn your finger while shaping the ends.) Once I threaded each paracord strand through the plastic cincher, I tied knots at the ends so they could not slip back through the clincher. That would be a time waster to re-thread during a session. I then heated my knots with a lighter to melt the knot a little. It is less likely to come untied that way. You could also dip the knots in a plasti-dip coating if you were so inclined. I wasn’t.

That’s it. You now have a pacifier that you can slip over your sub’s head and cinch up in a jiffy! No buckles, no incorrectly spaced holes. No need to add extra holes to the leather. Just zip it snug and move on. Easy peasy!

The cost to order the pretty version is $26.32 plus shipping. For mine, I obtained two pacifiers for $1 at Dollar Tree, you can also get 25ft of paracord there for $1. I already had a package of plastic cinchers I purchased from the sewing section in Michael’s. They are also available cheap on Amazon as seen on the picture below, or free if you take one off an old jacket hood. I’m going to guess my pacifier gag cost me about $3 (no shipping), with supplies leftover if I wanted to make more. : )