The Newest Addition!

I am happy to announce the addition of the Nova SN-b violet wand kit to my dungeon! I referred to my old wand as a mini wand because it was a high-frequency wand unit (not a true violet wand) and did not have the power of a real violet wand.

I chose the Nova SN-b because of its comparable power to the traditional/mechanical wands and for its ability to work in any position and direction. As many of you know, I climb around, crawl around, and work from all sorts of crazy directions while in session, so I needed a wand that would allow me to do that without shutting off in midway through. If you look at the violet wand comparison charts below you can see that the Nova SN-b operates at 48kv, only 2 kv under most of the traditional/mechanical style wands (those are the coil type wands that can be positionally challenged). The only one more powerful than those on the list(s) is the Mjolnir Pulse Prime at 65kv.

I have been a busy bee making and adding evil conductive items to use in indirect and reverse technique with the violet wand. Some of those little creations are pictured in the kit here and some are not.
These are many, but not all, of the conductive items I already had prior to purchasing the violet wand. More items are coming soon or on their way now! These can all be used via various techniques with the violet wand.

If you are into electro play, branding, electro cbt or just electro teasing now I have an entirely new application for many of the items I already own. If you would like to experience the new violet wand, schedule a session with me! I promise it will be an electrifying experience!*

***Note that this type of electro play is not recommended for those with heart conditions, pacemakers or other electrical devices or implants such as an insulin pump, etc. It is also not recommended for those that suffer from seizures.